Genesis 3:4 - And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:  For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

What does it mean to BE as gods? How does the desire to be divine affect human relationships. Considering our last post, it would seem that the attainment of divinity was the ultimate pursuit of knowledge. Does knowledge really make me a god?

There are groups and people who feel that they are or can attain god-status:

1) Mormons (

2) Five Percenters (

3) Some have claimed the Pope is God (

4) Pharoah (

5) Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 5)

6) Herod (Acts 12:22-23)

This is a very small list of a very large problem: people who allegedly claim to be God. Some would disagree with certain things listed.  (I encourage you to research this on your own.)

The word used in Genesis 3 is the majestic plural Elohiym, the only word used to describe God in Genesis 1, when God created everything simply by speaking. In Genesis 2, God is YHWH Elohiym, the relationally powerful God. It is as if God wants humanity to understand that his ultimate power is found in the unity of community, and so He creates humanity like Them, a united, covenanted, intimate community.

What does the serpent say being like gods is? 1) It is not dying. The serpents first lie is that being like God is about immortality. 2) It is about having eyes open, knowing good and evil. So it is about intellect and the senses.  3) It is about being plural and powerful (Elohiym,gods). So it is not about unity, or oneness, at all. He does not offer them covenant relationship (YHWH).

How does this play out in the life of humanity?

Firstly, Woman eats the fruit. God had made them both together in His image; here we see Woman reaching individually for her "godness". When she eats the fruit, in her mind she is more like God than Man now. So when she gives to Man, she is attempting to raise him up to her level, to fix him.

Point: Fallen Matriarchy, fallen feminism: woman seeks to fix man. And this desire for man, to always fix him, was described by God as how woman would always relate to man (Genesis 3:16). When we first were married, we attended premarital and postmarital counseling with the same couple. It was interesting to see this play out in our marriage. 

Melissa was of the belief that the counseling was to “fix” me, and if I was fixed life would be great. It was a challenge for her to realize that we both were broke, just in different places, because this meant she couldn’t make me in her broken image: matriarchy.

When God comes looking for humanity, Man comes out first. Man blames his sin on woman, throwing her under the bus. 

adam blames eve images.jpg

Point: Fallen Patriarchy, Fallen Paternalism: anything (anything meaning woman not man) is the cause of any fault in man and must be controlled. This has manifested in every form of sexual, emotional, physical, and even spiritual abuse perpetrated under the rulership of man upon woman: God also described this result of rebellion against Him (Genesis 3:16). This also played out 'challengingly' in our relationship.

I had a problem with lying to my wife about things that didn’t need to be lied about (not that there is a need to lie at all). I would mentally justify it by saying that she couldn’t handle my truth, that she was too emotional. I would say this in counseling, but i still failed to talk to her about it, again justifying it by telling myself and to the counselor that she was too emotional. So, my inability to communicate my emotions and deal honestly with my wife I blamed on her emotions: patriarchy.

In reality, what happened at the tree?

Mankind was made in the image of God and lord of the planet. Woman ate the fruit at the suggestion of the serpent/nature (in disobedience to God), and so woman takes to herself the image of the serpent/nature. Man, in taking the fruit from woman, is made in the image of his wife. When God comes, man seeks to assert himself over his wife, but still cannot assert himself over the serpent nature.

Point-Evolution: Nature is God, and humanity reflects what it sees in nature. All forms of relational variations away from the Genesis 2 creation account have their origins not in the evolution of mankind, but in the fallen morality of humanity, whose highest aspirations are now what we see in nature. Any combination of mankind and nature is an abomination, even if it is an emulation, an imitation, or a replication. Nature deals in multiple sex partners, polygamy/polyandry, homosexuality/lesbianism, and adultery. Somewhere in someone’s life one of these things may manifest. That would be a human copying nature.


Does this sound familiar? Do our relationships with our significant others, or spouses reflect more of the fall than original creation? Are more people in the image of nature than the image of God? Are we so power hungry, so desiring to be like god, that we 1) desire to make our spouse in our own image, 2) "rule" the image of god right out of our spouse, or 3) shape our entire relationship in the of fallen nature, thus becoming an abomination?