A Veteran's Day Prayer


Lord God, we come to you today, to honor our Veterans.

We thank you that they made it past the road side bombs, past the insurgents, past the cold and hunger.

We thank you that they made it through the firefight, through the gunshots, through the death of peers, and through loss of limbs.

We give thanks for their service, are grateful that they have been reunited with family, and can kiss their children.

We give thanks for their reintegration into our lives, giving their all at work, at play, and in church.

They bring passion to our lives, and an insight based on experience available only to them.


Lord God, we pray for them. Returning home has not been easy, seamless transition for some

Give hope to our veterans, dear Lord, for the ones who can only find peace through taking their own lives.

Have mercy upon our veterans, our Lord, for the untold multitudes of others who suffer from Moral Injury, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and Survivors Guilt.

Give favor to our veterans, oh Lord, for the displaced and homeless who deserve more than just a "Thank you for your service".


Lord God, give us as much compassion for our veterans as we have pride for them.

Give us compassion to listen to their story, while giving them the strength to share it.


Give us grace to either be a safe space, or to create the safe space, for our Veterans and to celebrate their survival.

Give us humility to allow veterans to celebrate alone if necessary, and give them wisdom to invite us in when needed.

Give us the compassion to not assume they will trust us, and give them the wisdom to give us that trust when appropriate.

Grace us with your heart for these men and women of service, that we may honor them with our silent presence, as much as we honor them with parades and medals.

and continue to bless our veterans for the sacrifices they have made.