I watched my father work 3 jobs trying to make ends meet.
I have seen my father sacrifice his own care to give to myself and my brother Phillip.
My father was who I went to live with when my mother found out I was smoking weed.
My father gave me my first Great Controversy series when I was in 3/75 Ranger Regiment.
My father was waiting for me when I exited active military service.
My father was there for me when I struggled with adapting to civilian life.
My father studied with me, until the wee hours of the morning for years the deep things of God.
My father is my movie aficionado.
My father is a prayer warrior.
My father is the most loving man I know.


I am now a father.
My daughter Abrielle is 1 year old.
For all intents and purposes I really don't know what I am doing.
But when I get a little confused, I either call or remember my father.
I know how to work hard, because of my father.
I know how to protect, because of my father.
I know how to sacrifice, because of my father.
I know how to teach, because of my father.
I know how to pray as a man, because of my father.
I am affectionate to my wife and daughter, because of my fathering.
I know how to study the Word of God, because of my father.
I strive to be the best Christian man I can be, because of William A. O'Rourke, Jr., my father.


Earthly fathers are not perfect.
They have many flaws, and make many mistakes.
The wonderful thing about me and my dad is that we are not only father and son, but we are brother as well.
Thanks to salvation and Jesus, God is now our father.
I am now closer to my dad than ever before.
The Father used my father to make me His son.
Thanks dad.


One day, Abrielle will marry.
I hope to me such a father, that when she has kids she will say...
"Because of my father..."

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