I have been watching the news recently, and there are some things I just think are a little ironic.


So, many years ago, as this nation began to develop, the immigrant based (Eurocentric) Federal government aided decimated or relocated the indigenous population of human beings from the land they had dwelt in for millennia. Now, the Federal government seeks to protect the local desert tortoise. 

Ready Set Renewed

Indigenous humans 0 : indigenous turtle 1 : Fed 1

 Currently there is a man, last named Bundy, whose family apparently has grazed their cattle there for 100 years. So now the Federal Government has restricted access to a land area, and taxed or fined those in the area, in order to preserve the indigenous turtle over the livelihood of humans.

Immigrated people 0 : indigenous turtle 2 : Fed 2

Interestingly, the man who is claiming the right to graze his cattle freely and without taxation, based on the longevity of his family being in the area, is descended from the same nation who removed the indigenous people from that land. So, because he belongs to the “removing immigrated nation”, he wants the Federal government to not do to him what this government did to the original inhabitants. Here is the interesting bit: he doesn’t even recognize the authority of his own nation! 

Immigrated people ?: indigenous turtle 2 : Fed 2

During the growth of this nation, many of the Native People took up arms in order to protect their rights, land, family, and way of life. They were exterminated, or relocated to reservations. Recently, when the Fed came to round of this Bundy’s cattle, and relocated them from the land, there was a strong outpour of support for Bundy in protest of the Federal Government “encroaching” on citizens’  rights. Some came with guns. So let me get this straight…the original people take up arms, are exterminated or relocated, and the children of the immigrating invading nation are asserting the right to employ the same methods, calling the same Federal government tyrannical for doing what it always has done? It’s a shame this sentiment was used by the European immigrants to defend the rights of the native inhabitants.

Indigenous people 0 : Immigrated people 1 

In Bundy’s group of supporters were, not representatives of the native peoples who still fight for their rights against the Fed, but other immigrated descendants who seek to restrict others from “illegal immigration”. o_O!?

Immigrated people 2 : Immigrating people 0

What’s “entertaining” about this Bundy situation is that is drew the support of numerous people who consider themselves patriots, while Bundy himself doesn’t even consider the U.S. government valid. WHAT!?!?!?   o_O   #facesmack

I don’t even know what ratio to put up for this one.

Recently Bundy went on a tirade during a press conference with his opinion of one group of people. Here is his tirade: 

Now, his point is to question the potentially crippling effect of Federal management and subsidy in instilling drive and purpose in a people. He is comparing the activity and productivity of Blacks on welfare to the productivity and activity of blacks in slavery, basically asserting that Federal subsidy is a new, more debilitating type of slavery. He makes his point poorly. 

Interestingly, his failure to pay back tax/fine for grazing amounts to him receiving Federal subsidy! 

So while he bemoans the failure of the Fed and Blacks in what he sees as a welfare situation gone wrong, he himself justifies his own “welfare” benefits as if it is welfare gone right, all the whiel denying the validity of the Government subsidizing him?! WHAT?!?!?!  LOL!   o_O #facepalm   (Watch more about the "Negro Shades of White Privilege")

As an interesting and closing response to Bundy on Federal subsidies, I give you Martin Luther King, Jr.:

So...yeah...What are conservatives saying about welfare again??? o_O


Stay tune.  We will discuss the irony and hypocrisy of 'rap-Culture'.