Good Friday


What's good about Good Friday? 


It's just like any other Friday, unless you are a Christian.   It is on this day designated as Good that Christians global celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus.  The Word of God and the Son of Man, AKA the Son of God had reached the fulfillment, no, the object, or His earthly existence:   He came to give Himself on behalf of the entire Human race, to pay the price we should have paid for the sin our first parents willfully committed.


"The wages of sin is death..."


"Your shall surely die..." if it is King James


"Dying you will die..." if it's Hebrew


The process and the event of dying is what He came to do "...from dust you are, and to dust you will return.”  God created life from nothing, and the penalty of rebelling against Life is to return to nothing to literally be nothing,  to be no thing, without thingy-ness… a non-existent mass of dark and formless watery nothing in the void.  If that is the death we would die, returning to the void, then why all the focus on the beat down Jesus took, as if that is why He came?


According to Him in John 10:18, "No man takes my life!..." So you can't kill Him!  We focus, like Mel Gibson, on the suffering, the blood, the abuse, the humiliation, as if that is what God planned for us since we sinned.  But the Bible says Jesus "...endured the cross...despising the shame...". 


Think of it: Jesus is the lamb of God.  When do you read about any lamb in the sanctuary being abused as part of the atonement?


So what was the crucifixion? What was the point? It is found in these words: 

"He saved others, let Him save Himself!" 


That's is the crucifixion: humanity trying to get Jesus to save himself, and leave us alone.


What’s so good about Good Friday? That He didn't listen to us!


Holy Sabbath


The very first time Sabbath in mentioned is in Genesis 2:1-3, where God celebrates Themselves and Their creation of everything, especially humanity.  The next time Sabbath is mentioned is in relationship to the Exodus.  Here we are told to remember the Sabbath. It's not that we are told to commemorate a day, rather we are told to commemorate God when He commemorates and celebrates His Creator God-ness.


Throughout the OT there are numerous calls to remember God on the Sabbath. Deuteronomy says remember that God freed me from Egypt (slavery). Ezekiel says remember that God is the one who makes me holy. But what does the Son of God do on Holy Sabbath?

He rests.

He has declared His substitutionary work for humanity finished His entity is dead.  The Son of God is the combination of the Word of God and the Son of man.   And so Divinity submits itself to the void, refusing to come out of the grave unless He can bring humanity with Him, in Him, as Him,  the Son of God.


What rest is this? 


Sinners think they have won believers think all is lost. Demons think their victory has come. Angels are amazed at salvation's cost.


What rest is this?


Angels await the resurrection. Demons are on guard to ensure their celebration. The Word sits anticipating.


Morning is coming...




When Jesus was born wise men from the East saw His star in the heavens, and follow it West until they reaching Him.  When Jesus described His 2nd coming, It was to be like lighting coming from the East, and shining unto the West.  How fitting, that the resurrection should take place on a day know in paganism as Easter.  The celebration of the return of spring, of life, of the rising sun has been eclipsed by the return of spring, of real life, with the Rising of the Son Life no longer revolves around a had ball of fire but around the Son, who is its Maker.  Because the Son of God arose, with all authority and power in His right hand having defeated death and hell, and holding their keys in His left. 


When He died there was an earth quake, the planet shook as if losing life. When He arose there was an earthquake, the planet shook as if birthing life.  The tomb is empty, there is nothing to see.  Now, if someone wants to see Jesus they must look to His followers.


Do our lives demonstrate that Jesus is alive?


Do people know that He lives in us?


Are we new creatures? or still dying?


The tomb is empty, only if we walk out of it.  For when we accepted Jesus, we died with Jesus and so when Jesus arose, we by faith arose with Him to be seated in Him at the Right hand of God.  Above principalities and powers, at the Right hand with all power and authority.


What's in His left hand? Nothing that concerns me. I died when He died, so those keys have already set me free. We live now because He lives now, as we still await His return, looking to the east, toward the rising sun,  looking for the Son of Righteousness to arise once more and return, to tell us our work is done.