God's Grief

Its funny how you think you know everything about kids when you don’t have any. I am no exception. I had theory and ideals down pat, but the advent of my daughter has taught me a thing or too. For one thing, I didn't understand her cries. I had never dealt with a newborn, and her constant crying to me felt like a rejection of the love and care I was trying to give her, especially when my wife seemed to know exactly what to do to comfort her. I felt rejected, and it grieved me.

Imagine God, the original parent, who has given his children everything, to include Himselves. Consider this God, who is Love within Themself. He knows true emotion, ultimate love, ultimate expressions of care. How must God have felt to have Their children reject them? How intense the pain? How deep the frustration and hurt, to know that You are the very best, and yet your children, created in Your image, have chosen someone far less (Genesis 3:1-6). Imagine the heartbreak.

Consider how deep the Love of God is for us, to promise mankind that Jesus would come to rectify the situation with His blood (Genesis 3:15), to promise to assist woman in bearing children (Genesis 3:16), and to give humanity vegetables as a supplemental replacement for the Tree of Life (Genesis 3:18), to cover humanity in the skins of sacrificial forgiveness (Genesis 3:21), and then to guard the way to the Personally for us (Genesis 3:24). How intense must the passion of God be for us?

Consider how deeply hurt God was when, after all this provision, God sees that all humanity participated in wickedness, despising His graces, ignoring and becoming ignorant of His presence. The Bible says that

Gen 6:6  “...it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.”

Imagine a God that is so full of emotion, that at the pinnacle of human evil, after he has made such great provision and they still reject him, he must “nâcham”, repent that he made us. That word literally means to let out sigh, an exhalation, to be sorry. The Hebrew wants us to know that this was an emotional reflex...God reflexive emotion was to be sorry and to physically sigh out of sorrowful frustration and hurt when They saw our rejection of their love and grace. How intense is this pain of God, the ultimate “feeler”?

The verse says that that our wickedness grieved, ‛âtsab,God at his heart. A better translation would say that it stabbed God, it fashioned pain in the heart of God.

Many of us have been rejected...consider the emotions of God, the ultimate rejected parent, so intensely hurt and disappointed in his children that he wishes He had never made them.

In Hosea,  a book that describes Israel’s relationship to God, and God’s passion for Israel, despite her adulterous nature, we hear the passion of God for a people he must chastise. We see God in dialogue with Himself, wracked with grief, and deciding against casting Israel off.


Hos 11:7  “...My people are bent to backsliding from me: though they called them to the most High, none at all would exalt him.”

Passion Longing and Grief

Hos 11:8  “How shall I give thee up, Ephraim? how shall I deliver thee, Israel? how shall I make thee as Admah? how shall I set thee as Zeboim? mine heart is turned within me, my repentings are kindled together.”

Love Resolute

Hos 11:9  I will not execute the fierceness of mine anger! I will not return to destroy Ephraim: for I am God, and not man; the Holy One in the midst of thee: and I will not enter into the city!

God did not give up on Israel, nor has He given up on you. God sent Jesus to demonstrate his heart, how our sins stab, carving out pain in the heart of God. God sent Jesus, Who wept at Lazarus’ funeral. Who wept over Jerusalem. Who prayed for His abusers with his last breath.

Do we feel the heart of God? Can we hear Their pain? Can we but for a brief moment see the holy tears streaming down the face of the Divine? Can we feel His passionate sigh of frustration on the back of our neck has goodness and mercy continually chase us down our roads of rebelling, always in the effort of returning the prodigal to His Father? Do we see the Passion of God, Who in all our afflictions is afflicted, Who became acquainted with our grief, and Who cherishes every tear we shed, keeping them in his bottle? Can we feel God’s heart today?

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God's Grief