Thanksgiving: Reflections of Freedom

Thanksgiving is coming. A day when most Americans stop and eat a lot of food, faintly remembering some distant national memory when new immigrants who could not survive in a new land were aided by the indigenous peoples, who were subsequently displaced.


I would be stereo-typically American if I were to repeat that story. While it is basically historical, I find that in my own past I have numerous things to be thankful for.


Today I’m giving thanks for Freedom.


What is Freedom? It is made of 2 words: free, and the “dom” of dominion. This FREEDOM is the Dominion where FREE rules!


It would be typical to ask the question “What am I free from?” This would make the conversation a pathetic attempt at the positive, while focusing on the negative. I would be living backward.


What if I asked, “What am I free for?” That would be living forward.


So WHAT am I free FOR?


I am free to be a present and committed husband to my wife. I am free to raise my daughter in a godly fashion. I am free to be the priest of my home. I am free to be a good provider for my family. I am free to love my parents. I am free to love my brother, and my wife’s siblings, Jeffrey Crewe and Nicole Crewe. I am free to love my wife’s family.


I am free to work hard, and earn a paycheck. I am free to care for the sick and dying. I am free to sit in the front of the bus. I am free to own a gun, and defend my family. I am free to get a Bachelors, Masters, and God-willing a Doctorate. I am free to write, to preach, and to publish. I am free to pursue anything my mind sets its heart on.


I am free to forgive. I am free to remember, not to regret. I am free to move ahead. I am free to be kind. I am free to be gentle. I am free to listen. I am free to speak.


I am free to rest, Sabbath.


I am free to collaborate. I am free to dream. I am free to confront, not convict or convert. I am free to submit, not to dominate or to rule. I am free to praise and pray, not to prey on others.
I am free to turn the other cheek. I am free to give mercy when I can seek justice. I am free to be sober, not addicted, pure not perverted…


I am free to follow holiness, peace.


Freedom...the Dominion of the Free...the Kingdom of the Free. And if it is a kingdom, then I must have a King.


It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1)


What are you free for? In what Kingdom do you reside? Who is your King?

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