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New Life!!! Renewed Living! 

What an unknown country to me.

What does this place look like? How does this new Jason live his day, relate to people who annoy him, deal with family he doesn't understand?

I lived so long under the addiction of forgiveness from mistakes that living actually free from making them is fearful.

And yet here I am, in this beautiful unknown country, to which I am now a citizen.

I have always run from my past, from my mistakes, from my issues:

Wanting to get as far away from them as possible.

I readily admit it: I got nowhere...because I wasn’t going anywhere.

I was simply running from something...I was a vagabond with no home, no direction, no purpose.

I was Cain. It is/was easy, powerful, to be Cain, but there is no joy or peace, no love in being Cain.

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This New country is like the song written by Solomon and his dark Shulamite.

It is a garden of Love.

It is the place where I am forgiven. It is the place where I find rest. It is the place Jesus saves me, and I learn again what manhood really is...every day I am renewed.

Here in this place I meet restored parents, who despite life dealing them hard blows, stand tall in the light of Calvaries rays.

It is the place where I am reunited with my brother, standing tall in front of the resurrection tomb.

Here I meet my wife, who teaches me daily what love is, and teaches me how to love her-who loves me despite myself, and showers me with her love, grace and mercy. She who teaches me commitment. She who is my best friend: My Love.

It was here that my lil girl was born...born to a man who is learning love late,

but better late than never!

My lil girl, who is herself a bundle of loving smiles like her mother, who also has my “strong” personality which will demand me to be loving; to soften and balance her.

It is in Love that I learn to Live. Living life based on pursuing love, rather than running with hate...that’s in this Garden.

And the Gardener, He is love personified! He dusts me off when I fall, says “I told you so” with no condemnation. Dusts me off, cleans me up, assures me that I am still loved and accepted, and continues to point me forward toward the object of my life...Love/Life

You see for me, the wilderness of my life was spent running from the evils I struggled with; Now the garden of my life is spent living toward to goals Jesus has set before me. 

And so I live forward, constantly growing in love toward the high calling for which I have been called.

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Sex-U-Ology by J.A. O'Rourke

What is ‘Sex-U-Ology’?   It is my study, prayer, and meditation with God as to the meaning of gender, sexuality, and marriage theologically. It is astonishing to discover that the church does not have an adequate “-ology” when dealing with sexual intimacy, gender specificity, and marital unity as they relate to God.

Maybe it is time to address such topics in a more meaning-filled and reflective way. Journey with me, as we consider our relationships in the light of God's original intent. - J.A. O'Rourke